Harbor Town Lighthouse Hilton Head

Why Should You Visit the Iconic Harbor Town Lighthouse Hilton Head?

If you’re looking for a fantastic view with a beautiful structure to match, you want to visit the Harbor Town Lighthouse Hilton Head. This structure stands tall and distinct over the ocean and Sea Pines. Visitors to Hilton Head island are immediately greeted by this amazing lighthouse. When you come stay at Hilton Head, the […]

Best Are to Stay in Hilton Head

We Know the Best Area to Stay in Hilton Head

Hilton Head is a beautiful island, and continually ranked as one of the most popular areas in South Carolina. When you come to Hilton Head, you’re coming for beautiful beaches, friendly atmosphere, and a relaxing, memorable vacation. No shortage of memories to be made here! But many people still ask the question: what’s the best […]

Hilton Head Christmas Events

Come to These Hilton Head Christmas Events This December!

We are quickly approaching that time of the year again! Distant relations are requesting present lists. The stores are beginning to deck out their windows with toys, lights, and fake snow. Turn on the radio and you may even catch a station playing a jaunty holiday tune or two. That’s right, the Christmas season is […]

Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge

The Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge is a Great Spot for Your Hilton Head Vacation!

When you come to stay at Hilton Head, you know you’re going to see some natural beauty. A lot of that natural beauty can be found in the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge. Established in 1975, the Pinckney Island National Wildlife Refuge is over 4000 acres and houses a wide variety of natural biomes and, […]

Island Playground Hilton Head

You and Your Kids Will Love Island Playground Hilton Head

If you’re vacationing and got kids with you, you know the struggle. You make big plans and then the unpredictable weather just ruins everyone’s day. Oh well, better luck next time, right? Absolutely not! There are plenty of fun things to do in Hilton Head when it rains, and one of the best places to […]

Bowling Hilton Head

Bowling Hilton Head and Beyond Promises a Fun Time For All!

Do you have a spare evening? Are you hoping your weekend doesn’t end up in the gutter? Are you just itching for that perfect event to really make your week a strike? (Okay, we’ll stop.) Yes, we’re talking about bowling! There’s tons of bowling Hilton Head and the surrounding area offers. It’s a great activity and certainly fun for you […]

Victoria Bluff Heritage Preserve

Visit the Victoria Bluff Heritage Preserve

Calling all nature lovers! When you vacation in the South Carolina Lowcountry, you’ll discover a variety of outdoor retreats. Nestled on the outskirts of Hilton Head Island, spend the day at the scenic Victoria Bluff Heritage Preserve in Bluffton, SC. This 1,111-acre reserve provides a peaceful place for you to escape the hustle and bustle […]

ZipLine Hilton Head

Why You Need to Plan a ZipLine Hilton Head Tour

Fresh ocean breezes, stunning outdoor destinations, and world-renowned beaches define the natural allure of our island. In fact, you’ll find many captivating adventures around every corner of our outdoor-oriented destination. Here at Palmetto Sands Vacation Rentals, we enjoy the wondrous tours at ZipLine Hilton Head. This tour with Broad Creek Marina Adventures takes you to […]

Harbour Town shops

8 of the Best Harbour Town Shops

When you dream of Hilton Head Island, what comes to your mind? Here at Palmetto Sands, we think of the sandy beaches, peaceful nature reserves, and of course, some of the best shopping in South Carolina at Harbour Town. In fact, the Harbour Town shops are located near our Sea Pines properties and offer an […]

Coastal Discovery Museum

Everything You Need to Know About the Coastal Discovery Museum

Calling all nature lovers and adventure enthusiasts! Here at Palmetto Sands, we enjoy touring the Coastal Discovery Museum. This natural history museum showcases the beauty of our island and offers a variety of activities on the 68-acre property. Among these includes trails, gardens, live oaks, butterfly houses, and beautiful horses. Whether you wish to explore […]

Sea Pines Forest Preserve

How to Experience the Sea Pines Forest Preserve

The Sea Pines Forest Preserve is perfect for a fun day on Hilton Head Island! Lace up your tennis shoes, and grab your camera because you’re bound to find a Kodak (or Instagram-worthy) moment. As you look for ways to explore this protected wildlife habitat, you can choose from guided boat expeditions, horseback rides, fishing […]

Hilton Head Island Halloween activities

Our Top 6 Favorite Hilton Head Island Halloween Activities

When refreshing breezes and cooler temperatures sweep across the Island, you’ll know it’s fall on Hilton Head! In fact, this weather doesn’t begin until October, which is the perfect time to get into the fun-filled spirit of Halloween. To complement this delightful time, you’ll find an assortment of exciting Hilton Head Island Halloween activities. From […]

Hilton Head Island fishing spots

The Top Hilton Head Island Fishing Spots

During your getaway with Palmetto Sands, we urge to immerse yourself in our local culture. From world class golf courses to wonderful restaurants to 12 miles of stunning shoreline, the laid back lifestyle of our island offers some of the best ways to relax on your family vacation. One of our favorite activities is casting […]

Latin Music Festival on Hilton Head

Experience the Sights and Sounds at the Latin Music Festival on Hilton Head

Each year, Hilton Head Island presents a spectacular schedule of annual events, each of which is designed to educate visitors on the melting pot of our local culture. In honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrate the festive traditions of dance, food, and music of the Latin Music Festival on Hilton Head. This lively extravaganza is […]

Hilton Head Oyster Festival

A Local’s Guide to the Hilton Head Oyster Festival

In the South Carolina Lowcountry, we enjoy the sun, the sand, and the surf of the bodies of water surrounding our island and love the tasty flavors of our locally sourced seafood. Some of our favorite delicacies are the freshly harvested oysters. To celebrate this harvest, we kick off our oyster season on Hilton Head with […]

7 of Our Favorite Public Tennis Courts on Hilton Head

When it’s a warm and sunny day on the Island, you’ll want to experience our beautiful vacation destination. Here on Hilton Head, we are known for our world-class golf courses, wonderful restaurants, and stunning beaches. Another activity we enjoy is playing a match on one of the public tennis courts on Hilton Head. Whether you […]

Harbour Town Fall Festival

A Snapshot of Your Harbour Town Fall Festival Experience

Situated off the coast of South Carolina, Hilton Head Island offers a myriad of wonderful things to do and a collection of annual events to enjoy. One of our favorite celebrations is the Harbour Town Fall Festival in September! This one-day extravaganza is also known as the “Harbour Town Fall Fest” and has provided family-friendly […]

Salty Dog Craft Beer & BBQ Festival

What You’ll Experience at the 2017 Salty Dog Craft Beer & BBQ Festival

Autumn on Hilton Head not only brings the warm hues of changing leaves but also cooler weather to complement the calendar of outdoor events. One of our favorite celebrations is the Salty Dog Craft Beer & BBQ Festival! This fun-filled day event is typically held in the late September and features the incredible cuisine, wonderful […]

Hilton Head Italian Heritage Festival

Why You Need to Attend the Hilton Head Italian Heritage Festival

Throughout the year, our island community offers several festivals to enjoy. Each of these celebrations is designed to teach you about our intricate past and how we have evolved over the years. One of the liveliest annual events is the Hilton Head Italian Heritage Festival. On September 16, 2017, taste the exceptional cuisine and participate […]

alligator tours on Hilton Head

Who Offers the Best Alligator Tours on Hilton Head?

What do warm summer days, cool breezes brushing across your face, and boat journeys through our waters have in common? It’s everything you’ll experience during the alligator tours on Hilton Head. A native species to South Carolina, the American Alligators reside in freshwater ponds and lagoons across our island as well as lakes and rivers […]