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Property Care and Owner Relations

As a property owner, or potential property owner on Hilton Head Island, the care for your investment is important to you. It is important to us here at Palmetto Sands as well. The care and maintenance of vacation rentals carries its own unique set of challenges. We accept that challenge, whereas two to three days for an air-conditioning or plumbing repair may seem normal in a residential setting, vacationers who are paying top-dollar for one week expect these problems to be handled immediately. Our team is experienced in the types of challenges a guest may face during their stay, and we are the right team for you and your property.

Some of the ways we keep your home or villa in top form for both guests and owners are through the following services:

A Dedicated Property Manager. Individual attention to your property by not only a South Carolina Licensed Property Manager, but a trained property inspection team that works off a 40 point inspection list before and after each guest Your dedicated Property Manager will also follow up on maintenance items above a mutually determined dollar amount so you never have any unpleasant surprises. Based on your communication preferences, we will create an individual management plan that meets your needs. There is no talking to a different person each time you call.

In House Maintenance Team. Our in house maintenance team is able to handle many maintenance issues quickly and professionally. This saves time for the guest and provides cost savings for you as the owners. In the off season, our maintenance staff can also handle minor upgrades and renovations to your property.

photo of a Beach Properties propertyAnnual Property Evaluation. Each year, your dedicated Property Manager performs a property evaluation to pinpoint areas of needed improvement or recommend upgrades to enhance the guest's experience and increase your rental income. An annual inventory and mechanical inspection of the property is completed to ensure that the property is of consistent high quality, and ready for the next rental season. During the busy summer season, our trained inspectors maintain the supplies in your property for the guest and handle any maintenance issues that come up. Your home or villa is always in top condition for your guests!

Security Checks. We will check on your property year round to protect your investment. During the off season, either your Property Manager or one of our trained inspectors is in your home or villa at least once every 2 weeks.

Assistance with Updates & Renovations. Looking to making some updates to your investment property? We can provide you with a list of licensed and insured vendors that will work with you to make the changes you want and need. We can provide you with updates as the work is being completed and help give you peace of mind during the renovation process.

Streamlined Monthly & Year End Statements. We mail out your monthly property statement on the 8th of each month. This easy to read statement provides a breakdown of all rental revenue and any other expenses. At the end of the year, we provide you with a complete accounting of the rental revenue earned and all expenses paid in your home or villa.

Online Owner's Area. You can make reservations for yourself or your guests through this easy to use portal. You are also able to access your statements for the whole year, and communicate directly with our full team of dedicated manager's.

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