Hilton Head Real Estate

Why Palmetto Sands Realty ?

Welcome to Palmetto Sands Realty !  Whether it’s your first vacation on the island, or you have been vacationing on Hilton Head for many years investing in a second home, rental property, or retirement home on Hilton Head Island may be in your plans.  Palmetto Sand’s homeowners and guests have enjoyed the friendly and trusted business relationship we have built with them over time and we frequently receive requests for our professional opinion or help purchasing island real estate. For this reason, we started Palmetto Sands Realty, a business dedicated to helping our clients purchase the best property within their budget while aligning the location with their long term plans for using the home.

How we help our Real Estate clients

In addition to selecting the ideal island location for your new home or villa, Palmetto Sands can suggest improvements should you decide to improve or rent the property.  Paula, Palmetto Sands founder and Broker-in-Charge has helped all of our homeowners improve their property to realize the maximum rental rental revenue possible. This includes selecting paint colors, furniture, renovation ideas, and more. While most real estate professionals are excellent at locating a property for buyers, helping with transforming the property into a successful rental home or condominium requires vacation property  management experience in addition to knowledge of the local real estate market. If you are considering a purchase on Hilton Head, Paula and her team will help you find the right property, and make cost effective upgrade recommendations if required to turn your home into a great Palmetto Sands rental property, or your dream home !

How Palmetto Sands works with other Hilton Head realtors

Since Palmetto Sands offers a small company private client style homeowner experience, many of Hilton Head’s most successful realtors refer their clients purchasing rental property to Palmetto Sands for vacation property management services. Rest assured we appreciate and honor the realtors who refer our company for vacation rental management. We always direct our owners who are referred by other realtors to use the realtor who referred them to Palmetto Sands.  We even work with our realtor colleagues to provide rental revenue estimates, offer recommendations for improving rentals, and suggest possible rental properties which might meet the needs for their clients.

If you are interested in viewing listings in the Hilton Head Island \ Bluffton and surrounding area, please choose the link below which will connect you Palmetto Sands Realty. Please note when choosing this link you will leave this Palmetto Sands site dedicated to our short term vacation rentals.

Kind Regards,

Paula Bennett, BIC